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Spiritual Strivings in a Sociotechnical World

Spiritual Strivings in a Sociotechnical World

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Passion Talks. Sunnyvale, CA (

Abstract. Repeated close engagement with technology affects human spirituality. AI can increase those effects as a powerful artifact, complex medium, or engaged agent. Studying those effects benefits from a model of sociotechnical spirituality.

I propose the models include human striving and commitments as well as AI activity and agency. This builds upon Christian spirituality scholarship, psychology of religion and spirituality, and pragmatic philosophy.

Unpacking the dimensions of human spirituality creates a framework to study how AI activity and agency affects sociotechnical spirituality. Creating a model of sociotechnical spirituality facilitates its study. It also identifies directions that could advance how people use technology to develop further in their personal spiritual commitments.

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