I'm involved with several research projects and organizations

Ethics-Based Auditing in Medical AI


Grant funded project through University of Notre Dame Tech Ethics Lab with Emanuele Ratti to develop "A Capability Approach to Ethics-Based Auditing in Medical AI"


In process

Project Abstract

Recently, it has been proposed to address the ethical challenges posed by AI tools by taking inspiration from auditing processes. This approach has been called ethics-based auditing (EBA), and it is based on an underlying conception of ethics that significantly draws from the recent principled turn of AI ethics, which is notoriously fraught with difficulties. This project proposes an alternative framework for EBA that is not based on AI principlism. In particular, it aims at conceptualizing EBA on the basis of the capability approach. Rather than checking for compliance to vague principles, EBAs should investigate the impact of AI tools to capabilities. The team formulates a preliminary characterization of capability-based EBA in medical AI. Deliverables will consist of a manuscript delineating the framework, a prototype AI tool that can be used for both internal and external auditing, and a conference paper.

Nature, aesthetics & ethics


The research group on Nature, aesthetics, and ethics at Volda University College, Norway examines aesthetics and ethics of nature using methods from philosophy and psychology. My primary research has been the study of friluftsliv (literally free-air-life) with Helga  Synnevåg Løvoll and Knut-Willy Sæther. I have been with the group since its formation, and we've received grants to study "Views of Nature and Sustainability (Natursyn og bærekraft)" and "Friluftsliv: Experience of Beauty in Nature".

AI & Faith

A community of experts bringing wisdom of world’s major religions into the emerging debates about the ethical development of AI-related technologies. I lead a team of 14 international research fellows investigating those mutual relationships.


Community of entrepreneurs and other business leaders oriented toward bringing compassion into AI technologies. I am a technical advisor,

Pacific Coast Theological Society

Founded in 1939, PCTS is an interdisciplinary theological society in Berkeley, California that regularly engages in critical exchange over a variety of theological and ethical topics. I am on the leadership team and Financial Director.