My research has generated over seventy technical and scholarly publications. These are some of the key ones


Insight to Heal

What does healing mean for Christians and others in an age of science? Human suffering demands that theology and science mutually inform each other in a shared understanding of nature, humanity, and paths to healing.

Mind Brain & the Elusive Soul

Does science argue against the existence of the human soul? I reinterpret the traditional doctrine of the soul as form of the body to frame contemporary scientific study of the human soul.

Designing XML Databases

When published in 2002, Designing XML Databases was the first single-author book on XML databases and the most comprehensive guide to XML-based database design for Web and enterprise environments.

Moral AI

Using moral theology and psychology to develop AI that can act morally
  • M Graves (2024). Modeling Morality and Spirituality in Artificial Chaplains. Computers in Human Behavior: Artificial Humans. (open access)
  • M Graves (2023). Embodied Experience in Socially Participatory Artificial Intelligence. Zygon. 58(4):928-951. (doi)
  • M Graves (2023). Apprehending AI Moral Purpose in Practical Wisdom. AI & Society. (springer share
  • M Graves (2022). Theological Foundations for Moral Artificial Intelligence. Journal of Moral Theology. 11(Special Issue 1): 182-218. Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. (open access
  • M Graves (2021). Emergent Models for Moral AI Spirituality. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence – IJIMAI. 7(1): 7-15. Special Issue on AI, Spirituality, and Analogue Thinking. (open access
  • M Graves (2017). Shared Moral and Spiritual Development Among Human Persons and Artificially Intelligent Agents. Theology and Science 15(3): 333-351. (doi)


Data science ethics for healthcare
  • E Ratti and M Graves (2022). Explainable Machine Learning Practices: Opening Another Black-Box for Reliable Medical AI. AI and Ethics. 2:801–814. (open access
  • M Graves* and E Ratti* (2021). Microethics for Healthcare Data Science: Attention to Capabilities in Sociotechnical Systems. The Future of Science and Ethics. 6:64-73. (online
  • E Ratti* and M Graves* (2021). Cultivating Moral Attention: A Virtue-oriented Approach to Responsible Data Science in Healthcare. Philosophy & Technology. 34(4): 1819-1846. (open access)
    • Commentary:
    • HJ Curzer, AC Epstein (2022). The Virtuous Data Scientist and the Ethics of Good Science.Philosophy & Technology 35:46. (doi
    • M Graves* and E Ratti* (2022). Who Is a Good Data Scientist? A Reply to Curzer and Epstein. Philosophy & Technology 35:52 (open access)  
  • * Authors contributed equally

NLP & Psychology

Semantic text analysis for moral psychology
  • T Reilly, D Narvaez, M Graves, K Kaikhosroshvili, and S Israel de Souza (2022). Moral and Intellectual Virtues in Practices: Through the Eyes of Scientists and Musicians. Palgrave. (publisher websiteAmazon)
  • M Graves, T Reilly, K Kaikhosroshvili, D Narvaez (2022). Moral and Intellectual Virtues: Computational Linguistic Analysis of Scientists and Musicians Accounts. In Moral and Intellectual Virtues in Practices: Through the Eyes of Scientists and Musicians, edited by T Reilly, D Narvaez, M Graves, K Kaikhosroshvili, and S Israel de Souz. Palgrave. (doi)
  • M Graves (2019). Semantic Analysis of Moral Values in Semi-Structured Interviews. In Virtue and the Practice of Science: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, edited by Celia Deane-Drummond, Thomas A. Stapleford, and Darcia Narvaez. Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing, Notre Dame, Indiana.  (ebook)

Philosophical Theology

Emergent human systems
  • M Graves (2023). An Introduction to Natural, Human, Philosophical & Theological Dualisms. In Views of Nature and Dualism in Philosophy, Theology, and Religion, edited by T.J. Hastings, K.-W. Sæther. Palgrave, (doi)
  • M Graves (2023). Interaction in Emergent Human Systems. Theology and Science. 21(2). (doi)
  • M Graves (2016). Places of Information Generation: Bridging Pannenberg’s Logos & Deacon’s Emerging Semiosis. Theology and Science 14(3): 305-324. (doi)
  • M Graves (2009). The Emergence of Transcendental Norms in Human Systems. Zygon 44(3). (doi)

Spirituality & cognitive science
  • M Graves (2018). Habits of Theological Reason in Spiritual Formation. Spiritus 18: 35-61. (pdf)
  • M Graves (2017). Grace and Virtue: Theological and Psychological Dispositions and Practices. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality 9(3): 303-308. (doi)
  • M Graves (2017). Habits, Tendencies, & Habitus: Dispositions of Mind, Body & Person. In Habits in Mind: Ethics, Religion, and the Science of Virtue, edited by GR Peterson, JA Van Slyke, ML Spezio, and KS Reimer. Brill. (doi)
  • M Graves (2014). Gracing Neuroscientific Tendencies of the Embodied Soul. Philosophy and Theology 26(1): 97-129. (doi)

Aesthetics and nature

Psychological and philosophical approaches to studying nature, especially well-being and beauty in nature
  • M Graves (2023). Appraising Nature: Pan-experiential approach to nature's agency. In Issues in Science and Theology: Global Sustainability, Springer. pp. 137-147.
  • HS Løvoll, K-W Sæther, M Graves (2020). Feeling at Home in the Wilderness: Environmental Conditions, Well-Being, and Aesthetic Experience. Frontiers in Psychology. Research Topic on Environment, Art, and Museums: The Aesthetic Experience in Different Contexts. 11: 402. (open access)
  • M Graves, HS Løvoll, and K-W Sæther (2019). Friluftsliv: Aesthetic and psychological experience of wilderness adventure. In Issues in Science and Religion: Nature and Beyond: Transcendence and Immanence in Science and Religion, Springer. pp. 207-220. (doi)
  • A Garcia-Rivera, M Graves, C Neumann (2009). Beauty in the Living World. Zygon 44(2).  (doi)
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